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  1. I am wondering how others on the forum feel about psychedelics? A number of close friends have asked me whether or not I would recommend them and I will often suggest that similar levels of insight can be gained through other practices like meditation. They can definitely be the catalyst for an awakening experience but I wonder would you recommend them to loved ones? How do you feel about them? And what have been your experiences, if any?
  2. @Billy Shears Thank-you for sharing this. I agree with you that "schizophrenia" is completely misunderstood in the western world. I also believe you when you say your experience was real. As well as the numerous accounts that can be found online, two of my dear friends have also had "psychotic" episodes that led to hospitalisation that eventually became the catalyst for their "awakening". We were discussing what is the difference between calling it a disease vs it being an enlightened experience and we thought it was perhaps the degree to which there is insight and control akin to your Joseph Campbell quote. One of these friends is on medication after trying life without it and constantly ending up institutionalised and unable to participate as she would like in society. Maybe, it is like being on a constant "trip" without an off switch so it becomes difficult to integrate into 3D life. Most psychic's etc have developed the skill of knowing when to switch off the talent and return to "regular" living and then switching on the talent when needed for insight, illumination or healing their self or others. Western world labels it "disease" because it keeps humans from functioning in the fabricated society that has been deemed "normal" but in fact is only one part of reality and the remainder is the infinite that you experienced. Seekers spend A LOT of time and modalities and psychedelics trying to reach the level of insight you obtained from those episodes. I'd be keen to know more about it, what was your experience, what did you feel, was it all bliss or was their darkness. They are personal questions so if you don't feel to share please do not feel obliged. By the way, the mentioned friend has just written a book about her experience and developed a website to create a collection of stories from other people with similar experiences aiming to remove the stigma around "psychosis" and "mental illness" and to empower others. You can look here if it interests you or if you want to share your experience with her and be part of the movement: www.beingbravefoundation.com. And the book is at alanamaimitchell.com if you're interested.
  3. @DivineSoda Perhaps. I think the "unwanted" urges/desires are to get us to our true nature which is love. Raven Roshi, as a raven, has a natural instinct to prey on newborn lambs. I don't think human nature is toward anxiety and depression for example. But it can be used as a compass to decide whether or not we are living in alignment with our true nature. In that way, yes, perhaps it is also "love" because it is calling us back to ourselves. I am wary of this being used as a cop out not to live up to one's own highest expression and indulge in "unwanted" urges/desires because "well its just our true nature and our true nature is love so even that must be love". I'd be interested in your thoughts on this? It's like suggesting anxiety and depression are our true nature because our true nature is love and so they are also love if we are experiencing them but in fact they are bringing us back to love. It may also be a matter of semantics and we're saying exactly the same thing. I read this a while ago by Sarah Blondin (LiveAwake podcast). It illustrates what I feel: "The moment you separated from your heart, the moment you closed, quieted, pushed away, turned from, disowned, lost sight of goodness, the exact moment you began to splinter from love, a part of you began doing everything in its power to bring you back. Just as a mother who has lost her child will never tire of standing at the ocean's edge calling out her beloved's name, sending prayers for survival, blessings in bottles out to sea, she, your heart, began to do the same once you were set adrift. You are never lost, dear one, for the moment you divided, your heart began doing everything in its power to bring you home."
  4. @Billy Shears Thank-you for starting this conversation and for your honesty. My short answer: Reality is made of energy and our true nature is Love. I, too, feel like I can't ever really know and that it is always changing but for some reason my experiences, readings, learnings and intuition tend towards this being true, although what is Truth really anyway?! I feel everything is energy, everything is manifest from energy and is beyond that which we can experience with our human senses alone. I don't know what exactly lies beyond our physical human experience but I feel certain it doesn't end there. I feel it is infinite. I feel when we complete the human experience, we return to this infinite nature and we may or may not choose to reincarnate as another human experience or any other experience i.e tree, planet, alien, etc. This energy can also be labelled as consciousness and it just wishes to experience itself. Life is just "lifing" so to speak. I do feel our true nature is love. Everything stems from this place, even darkness or that which is not obvious. Everything is bringing us back to our true nature, all our experiences, misdeeds etc and it is a divine orchestration and it is responsive and evolving without a set point but to know itself and experience itself as love. Anyway, that all reads very esoteric but it helps me live an honest, compassionate, life true to my heart and I often find the magic or play of life disappears when I try to understand or analyse it too closely. So, I juggle the delicate balance of gaining understanding in order to lead a more fulfilled life versus analysing and becoming despondent from the lack of understanding. I find, I'm better off living life rather than constantly trying to figure it out and interestingly enough, the understanding soon follows.
  5. Dreamer


    This poet blows my mind! Nothing like awakening through art! Enjoy!!! 💖 https://www.aubreymarcus.com/blogs/aubrey-marcus/how-pain-becomes-medicine-with-in-q-amp-251
  6. I wonder if you could write an article or create a video on what this means for you and any examples or personal experiences you may have to illustrate it?
  7. Exquisitely expressed. Have heeded the call. 💖
  8. I was raised Catholic and although I practiced religiously until age 21, it was then that I started asking questions about religion and spirituality. Eventually, this led me to abandon my religion altogether in the pursuit of spirituality. I pursued meditation, chanting, yoga and other "New Age" practices. I shunned religion, made it wrong and basically threw the baby out with the bath water, so to speak. I blamed it for creating all sorts of damage and unreasonable conditioning that has created both individual and collective turmoil and conflict. However, recently, prayer (which I always associated with Religion) has reappeared in my life from people I love and trust and so I am once again paying attention. When I listen or read these prayers from a more neutral and less religious perspective, I can see the hidden perspective that I was not able to grasp previously. I also see how similar it is to chanting a mantra, and similarities to Buddhist philosophies that I now embrace. With the current state of the world, there is a certain comfort I find in believing I am not alone in this, that perhaps there are "higher beings" available to assist and that if I "prayed" (which is really just intention setting and mantra chanting) that this would somehow call on that assistance. I am now considering reintroducing prayer (my version) as a daily spiritual practice and I wonder what other peoples thoughts and experiences are on the matter?
  9. I think the cause is our disconnection from Spirit. For all involved, the victims, the perpetrators, the demonstrators, there has been both a disconnection from Source and a loss of our humanity, our compassion and the recognition that we as individuals are unique expressions of the Divine whole. What we do to another we do to ourselves and in this way we are creating our experience. I think recent events are a catalyst for change. I think, regardless of the reality, details or minutiae of the actual scenario, it has served as a catalyst for change, evolution, growth, maturity etc. In The Law of One (channelings by the Ra Collective), it is said that no one can cause another to awaken but we can be the catalyst for that awakening and I think we all exist as catalysts for each other to awaken and rise to create a more wholehearted and fulfilling experience of this version of life.
  10. Ooooooh! I'm currently reading this and so far it is a really lovely read. One of the most poignant lessons so far is that we have often equated feeling shitty to be wrong and that the only "right" way to live is to feel good all the time. This is unrealistic and denying the natural dynamics of our human experience. Another poignant lesson for me has been: rather than reaching for the addiction/distraction when we are feeling unsettled to instead experience the emotion/feeling fully and receive the lesson it is serving which is almost always calling us to return to Self. If we don't give in to the craving, the addiction/distraction starts to lose it power over us because it is merely a poor substitute for our self-acceptance and self-love which is what we are truly seeking to fill us up.
  11. Challenge accepted! I have a routine of 120 sit-ups and 20 push-ups every morning. I commit to adding an extra 10 each day daily for the next 30 days (so it becomes 120, 130, 140, 150 and by day 30 it is an extra 300 Phew! That's a bit much but I could also divide the load to be morning and evening routines to reach the total). Mu aim will be to improve stamina and strength. I also go for a daily walk with some amount of running time during that walk, so I commit to doubling the running time daily for the next 30 days to improve fitness.
  12. I'm currently experiencing some stagnation in moving forward with my innovation. What I've tried so far is following my curiosity and that has certainly led me to exploring natural therapies and integrating them into conventional care to provide holistic support for those experiencing cancer. This service is currently online and where I feel stuck is knowing how to promote this service ethically without appearing like I am using marketing techniques that belong to the old paradigm of "selling" or platforms that do not align with the values I hold for the service. I'd love to believe that those who resonate with my message will pursue the service but the question is how do I get the offering in front of those eyes to begin with without resorting to classical marketing methods?
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