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  1. On 6/25/2020 at 7:24 PM, Dreamer said:

    @Billy Shears Thank-you for sharing this. I agree with you that "schizophrenia" is completely misunderstood in the western world. I also believe you when you say your experience was real. As well as the numerous accounts that can be found online, two of my dear friends have also had "psychotic" episodes that led to hospitalisation that eventually became the catalyst for their "awakening". We were discussing what is the difference between calling it a disease vs it being an enlightened experience and we thought it was perhaps the degree to which there is insight and control akin to your Joseph Campbell quote.

    One of these friends is on medication after trying life without it and constantly ending up institutionalised and unable to participate as she would like in society. Maybe, it is like being on a constant "trip" without an off switch so it becomes difficult to integrate into 3D life. Most psychic's etc have developed the skill of knowing when to switch off the talent and return to "regular" living and then switching on the talent when needed for insight, illumination or healing their self or others. Western world labels it "disease" because it keeps humans from functioning in the fabricated society that has been deemed "normal" but in fact is only one part of reality and the remainder is the infinite that you experienced.

    Seekers spend A LOT of time and modalities and psychedelics trying to reach the level of insight you obtained from those episodes. I'd be keen to know more about it, what was your experience, what did you feel, was it all bliss or was their darkness. They are personal questions so if you don't feel to share please do not feel obliged.

    By the way, the mentioned friend has just written a book about her experience and developed a website to create a collection of stories from other people with similar experiences aiming to remove the stigma around "psychosis" and "mental illness" and to empower others. You can look here if it interests you or if you want to share your experience with her and be part of the movement: www.beingbravefoundation.com. And the book is at alanamaimitchell.com if you're interested.

    I'm sorry that it took me so long to answer you, I just didn't feel in the right mood.

    Anyway, coming back to the topic:

    Part of the experience was bliss and part of it was horror. Interestingly enough it always began with a state of euphoria but the more and more I got to experience these changes in myself, it became darker and darker. In retrospective it's hard to describe in detail what happened, you have to experience it to understand what's happening. And that's why people will label you insane or schizophrenic. But to this day I intuitively know that it's not a disease. You just reach a different state of awareness, you become hypersensitive to your arroundings and realize that everything is a projection of your mind. Your thoughts become reality. And that's the power your mind has if you can unlock its secrets. But the western society isn't ready for it yet. 


  2. Yeah, I must admit I'm afraid, too. Not because of the virus, but because of the people's reaction. I don't want to live in a world of fear, hate and division. And that's exactly what's happening right now. I try to educate the people around me, but i only run into rejection. maybe it's time for me to let go and think about myself. When I wrote this post a few days ago, I was just not doing well. I should focus more on myself.

  3. How do you see your future in this society?

    The next few months will be crucial.

    Society is more and more divided into those who trust the system and obey, and those who despise the system and see through the lies.

    What else is to come? The elites have a plan that they are pursuing with the coronavirus and at the moment everything seems to be going according to their plan.

    Now we have to wear a mask to enter a store, tomorrow we need to be vaccinated. I don't think there will be any mandatory vaccinations. But people will lose their rights if they are not vaccinated.

    Sometimes I get the feeling that even the so-called conspiracy theorists are part of the plan and necessary to reach their goals. 

    The major problem is that it seems our generation (born 1980 to 2000) doesn't really care. That's my impression. They are too busy with their smartphones, getting likes on Instagram or whatever.

    This generation is brought up in such a way that it hates itself and always compares it to others. Self-love is not taught in schools. And that is all intentional to deceive us.

     I'm 25 and I can't talk to my friends about this stuff because they will call me a lunatic. I've already lost some of them because it became too toxic. 

    But WE are the future. 

    If we don't care we will all become slaves.

    We need to learn to love and appreciate ourselves. If we poison our mind with fear and hate, we will lose ourselves and become part of the problem.

    What will YOU do? 

  4. The problem is, if you wanna call it a problem, I had two psychotic episodes in 2017. However, these phases only stimulated me to deal with spirituality. On the outside it felt like I was going out of my mind and my friends and family were really concerned, but this was the first time I felt one with the universe. It gave me a feeling of security until my ego took over and I interpreted too many wrong things into it. But the message at the beginning was clear to me: The experience was real. Schizophrenia is completely misunderstood in the western world.

    There is a nice quote by Joseph Campbell: “The psychotic drowns in the same waters in which the mystic swims with delight.”

  5. I don't know about Leo's video, but I'm on your side regarding this.  I haven't resonated with his content for a longer time now, because in my opinion he has developed a big spiritual ego.  So let's not talk about him here.

    I ask myself these questions nearly every day and I have the feeling that they tend to harm my development. I have to learn to accept this uncertainty and maybe even learn to appreciate it. You can probably never answer these questions as long as you are human (maybe if you reach enlightenment).

    Who knows what happens after death? Are we going back to our source and original nature? I think the body is not the real identity, but more like a suit that you put on to experience yourself as a human being. As for reality, I believe that the physical world is an illusion. Actually everything is connected and not separated. That's what I can tell from my spiritual experiences. 😊

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